W 9 forms for independent contractors

This document is filled in by individuals and legal entities of the US in order< to ensure the information of their Taxpayer Identification Number and appropriate certification. It has to be sent to companies to confirm the “tax status” of their employment.

I lose 28% of income – what do I do?

First thought that comes to mind would be ‘I wonder why other people were not subjected to money hold back’. Simply – some workers are not subject to the above limitation because they work for the government, financial institutions or other higher authorities that make it possible to avoid subsequent acts.

W-9 request letter

Any business relations should be placed on record, mostly it’s done via legal documents. Doesn’t matter whether this record keeps information on only two sides agreement or even one third party involved, each signed blank has a value.

How to verify you get proper W-9 copy

W-9 is used by independent contractors to supply TIN and Name to the customers. Sometimes vendors and freelancers are establishing electronic form fill up and for the purpose digital version within requester responsibility has to correspond to the hard copy. But what is original IRS W 9 looks like?