Who needs W-9 for tax reporting?

Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification is a standard IRS form that is used by the bureau to control taxation of freelancers, independent contractors and vendors. The paper itself doesn’t require any information about payments. It only collects crucial personal data that will be used on 1099-MISC or other 1099 document. Who is supposed to […]

Changes in the latest W-9 filling procedure in 2020

This year the USA government has already taken the decision to extend the tax season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Notwithstanding these circumstances, any financial institution should report to the IRS about all the contractor payments exceeding 600$. The submitter can complete and send the current W-9 fillable document electronically or in the paper format. Where to Get It? This 1-page paper is provided on demand. You can get it from: your client; bank; other financial institutions. Besides, you can download W-9 free printable form 2020 from the […]

How is it Necessary to fill out the Printable W-9?

The pandemic has reverberated throughout the entire state economy. The government is already talking about coronavirus tax season extension. In these force majeure circumstances, printable W-9 filling is becoming a relevant issue.

IRS Form W-9 incorrect filing penalties

Self-employed workers who offer their services to US-based companies and receive US-sourced income are obliged by the law to fill in the IRS-issued tax form.

Why is tenant form W9 required?

The following situation often occurs: Your landlord asking for W9. At the time of the contract or when renewing it. Even if you pay on time and on a regular basis. What is the reason?

Some details about a new W-9 completion and submission

The W-9 form is required when the external employee has been paid over $600. The benefit of this document presentation for the independent contractor is that he maintains his good tax bearer reputation and is allowed to deduct some personal and business expenses.

When is it necessary to fill in W-9? Tips and Secrets

This form is crucial for the interaction between the company and the contract workers, freelancers or self-employed persons. The main purpose is to verify the legitimacy of the transaction and that all the taxes are paid.